The Hickman Family Tree

  The greatest single resource on Hickman family history is a book by Hope A. Hilton entitled Edwin and Elender Webber Chiles Hickman:  Some Progenitors and Descendents, Early Pioneers of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and Utah

  It went through the following editions: 

                                                                  First Edition              December 1967
                                                                  Second Edition         December 1969
                                                                  Third Edition             August 1978

  It is the ultimate goal for this website to make available the entire book, but that will be a difficult undertaking, because the text (over 200 pages) will have to be retyped, rather than read by computer using optical character recognition.

  For the meantime, you may be interested in the following charts, issued in February 1997 by Hope as improved versions of charts on pages 10, 78, and 81 in the Third Edition of her book.  To see them, click on your choice of the blue underlined text below:

To see a chart of the "The Hickmans and Their Relatives from Early Colonial Times", click here.

To see a chart of the "Edwin Hickman and Elender Webber Family", click here.

To see a chart of the "Isbell Family", click here.

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