Elizabeth Adams Hickman

  No picture of Elizabeth has yet been found, but this is a picture of her tombstone, found broken to pieces in a pig pen by Hope and Lynn Hilton on the Hickman family farm in Missouri.  Accompanied by a depiction of a weeping willow, It reads:

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Edwin T. Hickman
Dec. 5th 1877.
Aged 84 Yrs. 1 Mo. 20 d.

  The following is a letter written by Elizabeth Adams Hickman in 1867 to her son George Washington Hickman who had converted to Mormonism and was living at Benjamin, Utah Territory.  This was after the end of the Civil War, and a reference is made to the slaves having been freed.  The letter is filled with a variety of family news, including mention of the death of George's brother Josiah Harvey Hickman.  The church that is mentioned is probably a local Methodist church:
Adair, Missouri
May 2, 1867
Dear Son: 

  It has been a long time since we have had a line from you you may want to know how we are doing since the Blacks left we are doing very well we have a plenty to live on we are in common health at this time health is good here.  We have had a cold winter we had colder weather in March than any time in the winter.  We received 2 letters from Iowa, one from Jane, one from Easom they bring us distressing news.  George your dear Brother J.H. is dead he died on the 7th of April he was sick about 7 weeks.  We hoped to live by again but he has left this troublesome world he has gone to rest we ought not to grieve after him believing he is happy.

  George we are all alone now have no child in the State and our time cannot be long in this world we are getting old, your father is 75 I am 73 soon and let us know how you are do not wait for me to write it is a hard task for me to write

E.T. & Elizabeth Hickman

  We had a protracted meeting here in this neighborhood last August there was 39 addition to the Church your father and I was of that number 2 days after the meeting broke up we went to Iowa we went to J.H. first and he went with us all the round we went to Easoms next and then we went to see Rhoda he appeared to enjoy himself.  Well I am glad that we went to see him he was much rejoiced that his father had joined the Church.

--Hope Hilton, Edwin and Elender Webber Hickman, Some Progenitors and Descendents, 3rd ed., 1978, p. 110-111

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