Would you like to print a page and have it appear just as it does on the screen?  Welcome to the club!  Sometimes you can, more often you can't.  This is the price we have to pay for software that allows computer-illiterates to design web pages.  The following will discuss what options you have.

  In the upper left corner of your screen is a tab called "File".  Sometimes the page can be printed as it is by simply changing the margin settings in Page, Setup.  

  You can avoid wasting paper by using Print Preview.  In Print Preview there is a toolbar along the top of the screen that sometimes give you a choice of printing the page "As laid out onscreen" or "All frames individually."   Sometimes one of these choices will give you what you want.  Often you get to select which pages you want to print, and thus avoid printing blank or useless pages.

  If everything you need is on the page and in view (in Internet Explorer the page can be expanded by pressing the F11 key) you can grab the scene by pressing the "Print Scrn" button near the upper right corner of your keyboard, then using Edit, Paste into a graphics program, such as Paint.

  Now if you can't get the page to format as you'd like, you can build your own.  If you are using Microsoft Windows, you may or may not be aware that there is a built-in word processing program available in Programs, Accessories.  It's called Wordpad.  Open this program and minimize the window. Grab the text by highlighting it with your cursor, then press Ctrl c.  Paste the text into Wordpad using Ctrl v, or Edit, Paste, or Edit, Paste Special.  The pictures can also be grabbed from the screen by right clicking the mouse, then selecting Copy.  The picture can be pasted using Ctrl v sometimes, sometimes Edit, Insert.  Using this method, you should be able to arrange the information and pictures the way you desire. 

  There may be other ways depending on which word processing or other software you have available.

  In the meantime, I'll keep investigating on how this may be done and may update this page as I make new discoveries.  If you figure out a better way to do it, please tell me about it.

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