These are two rare views of the properties of the Mineral Point Mining Company in Carr Fork, taken between 1879 and 1882.  The buildings in the foreground appear on both scenes.  This company later merged with several others to become the Boston Consolidated Mining Company, which operated the first steam shovel mining in Bingham.  In 1909 it merged with Utah Copper Company. 

  Looking around, it's hard to see where the excitement is, the reason is this:  Though they were sitting on billions of dollars in metals, the early mines of Bingham Canyon didn't have the means to turn those metals into dollars, and investment money didn't come to Bingham in large amounts until after 1896.  It will astonish you that pictures such as these were used to convince potential investors that there were profits to be had by investing in these Utah mining companies, who really needed the money.
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