The most recent reunion of the Edwin Temple Hickman Family Association was held on 10 June 2000 at Torrey, Utah.   Prior to this a reunion was held every two years, and until about 1986 was held every year.  Near as I can tell, none are currently planned for the near future at least.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  The history of the Hickman family doesn't end until the Hickmans themselves have lost interest in it. 

   With members of the Hickman family scattered all over the globe, maybe it's time to rethink what reunions are all about.  They provide an opportunity for family members to get to know one another and to discover what kind of material their relatives are made from.  They provide a place where research and information about family history can be shared with other interested Hickmans.  They provide an opportunity to see actual artifacts from family history that scattered branches of the family would otherwise never see.

  Technology is making other types of reunion possible.  Browsing around this website you can learn more about your relatives than you could at a dozen reunions, without spending a dime.  You can see a few exhibits of Hickman artifacts that most Hickmans have never seen, and in fact didn't know exist.  Ok, you can eat hot dogs and potato chips anywhere, so the only thing that seems to be lacking is an opportunity to meet actual Hickmans, to learn what kind of people they are.  Maybe technology is now or maybe soon will make that kind of event a reality too. 

  I'm new to this whole field.  If you have ideas on ways this can be done, please contact me.  I'd like to attend a reunion that is cheap, easy, entertaining, informative, and satisfying.

  Please make return visits to this page for further developments, and if any develop, they'll be mentioned here.

This page was updated 4 April 2003.

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