Meet the Butcher Family

This picture, taken about 1878, shows part of the Butcher family and the ranch on which they lived.  Left to right are Samuel Monroe and Sarah Catherine Butcher (the parents); their children, Samuel, Rebecca, Isaac, Harrison, Minnie, Polly, Deseret, Nettie, George. 
The Thirteen Children of Samuel Monroe Butcher and Sarah Catherine Hickman Butcher

1     (no picture)
Darkest (Darcus) Butcher (no picture)
Born:  26 November 1852
Sacramento, California
Died:  6 September 1891

William Monroe Butcher, Sr.
Born:  18 November 1854
Sacramento, California
Married:  6 October 1873
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died:  10 December 1901
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouses:  Rebecca Townsend, Mary Elizabeth Bailey

3     (no picture)
Sarah Elizabeth Butcher
Born:  22 February 1856
Sacramento, California
Married:  About 1873
In Bingham Canyon, Utah
Died:24 November 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouse:    Samuel A. Rolfe

Rebecca A. Butcher
Born:  18 January 1858
   Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah
Died:  24 July 1940
           Gridley, California
Spouse:  William Richard Woolsey
             (To learn more about the Woolseys, click here).

5     (no picture, except those above)
Bernetta (Nettie) Butcher
Born:  5 May 1859
Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah
Died:  Before 1933

George Washington Butcher, Sr.
Born:  2 May 1861
West Jordan, Utah
Married:  10 April 1885
Springville, Utah
Died:15 December 1933
Alhambra, Los Angeles County, California
Spouse:  Eunice Elizabeth Worthen

Isaac Moroni Butcher                                          To see Isaac's children, click here.
Born:  22 June 1863
Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah
Married:  20 February 1887
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died:29 December 1943
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouse:  Rachel Louisa Worthen/Warthen

Polly Ann (Pauline) Butcher
Born:  9 June 1865
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Married:  3 July 1911
Died:  1 November 1946
Ogden, Utah
Spouses:  Frank Steven Mathews, Dewitt C. Perry

James Harrison Butcher                                             (Click here to visit his family)
Born:  2 May 1868
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Married:  15 October 1887
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died:5 February 1951
Auburn, Placer County, California

Minni Ellen Butcher
Born:  1 July 1869
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Married:  24 December 1887
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died:  6 December 1941
Spouses:  // Johnson, Andy Anderson, George A. Holmes

Samuel (Jack) Butcher
Born:  19 March 1874
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Died:Between 1933-1947

Joseph Deseret Butcher
Born:  14 February 1875
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Married:  15 August 1896
Died:3 May 1914
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouse:  Caroline (Carrie) Emily Hickman

Frank Steven Cornelius Butcher
Born:  17 November 1883
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Married:  9 March 1909
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died:  15 May 1951
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spouse:  Pearl Emma (Ann) Knight

The picture pedigree was provided by Marlene Butcher Gates.  Samuel also had 12 children by his second wife Mary Chadwick Butcher.  If you have or have seen pictures of them, or if you have Butcher-related photographs or other information please contact me.

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The Butcher family.  Left to right:  Samuel, Deseret, George, Nettie, ?, ?, ?, Frank, Samuel Monroe, Harris, Isaac (Ike), Dog.