Eunice Pease Haws Stewart's Diary  

  This record was kept by Eunice during the time her husband Andrew Jackson Stewart went on a mission with Mormon Apostle Orson Hyde to Carson Valley or elsewhere from May 1855 to April 1858.  It is important because it not only provides a record of Utah pioneer life, but also of the interaction of Eunice with other members of her family, including her younger sister, Lucy Ann Haws, a few years prior to her marriage to our George Washington Hickman.  Lucy was about 15 years old at this time; she married George on Christmas Day, 1859 at Pondtown, now known as Salem, Utah.  This diary provides a good picture of pioneer community life in early Utah.

[p. 1]
1855 May 13 I accompanied him as far as Great Salt Lake City.  We arrived to Br. Blair’s on Tuesday the 15.  We found a cow and calf that had been on the west of Jordon ever since the Indian war of 1853.  Sold her and calf to P. Conover for 48 dollar.  Mr. Stewart left Great Salt Lake City the 16 at 3 p.m. in company of Br. H. [Orson Hyde] and many others for Carson V[alley].  B. F. Eastman and A. J. Stewart Jun. and myself started home.  We arrived at Provo the 17.  Found the family well but had not done any thing of consequence.

1855 Philander had went to mill and worked some for the neighbors.  Oliver C. Stewart went a fishing and played and would not work.  They never obeyed the last thing uncle told them to do.  That was to water the garden Friday.

17 We picked wool Saturday.  I [and] Br. Green posted our Books and I paid several accounts that was due.

19 I bought 100 + 14 ½ salerstus[?] of William and Samuel Barnard.  20 cts per pound and paid in goods.  The articles were as follows:

5 ½ yds flannel @ 90   4.72
123 yd muslin @ 35     4.47
57 yd linsey @ 1.005.88
12 blue prs @ 272 3.30
6 bk combs @ 50    3.00
1 ½ doz fancy buttons 75  1.12
1 oz cayan pe 25    .25
4 tuc combs 301.30
I received one dollar cash23.84

May 20 We are at home and the children are reading and are going to meeting.  Monday morning I sold 2 cows to Edward Bovier for 65 dollars.  Paid half cash and goods and some ready made clothing and groceries.

21 Sold to Lucy Ann Haws 5 yds alapaca for house work at 1.50 per yard.  I went to F. Eastman’s a visiting and the Mrs. Bollocks and Williams and others were there also.

22 We are planting some wheat and potatoes, beans, corn, etc.  B. F. Stewart stayed all night; is going to the City with lumber and shingles for sale.

23 We have 30 weight of picked wool.  Our planting is all done for the present.  The grass hoppers are bad.

[p. 4]
May 24 I went to Mariah’s and helped her pick wool.  I received 5 books this morning that was sent by J. M. Bernhisel to Mr. Stewart.  2 books of the constitution of the United States census and 1 patent office report.  We received a letter from Willard Wells.  Not much news of any kind.

27 I went to Payson.  I tried to collect some wheat or anything I could eat but I could not get one dime.  I paid Thomas Howel three dollars and 7 cts.  The remainder on Br. D. Carter’s note.  I paid Pardon Webb 60 cts, the remainder on the bedstead scantling (sic).  I paid Nathaniel Haws $2.35 cts on lumber.  F. Eastman had 6 sheep.  I had 2 which made 8.  C. Moore drove them to Provo with his.  I bought some butter and cheese.  Paid in salt.  I stopped to W. M. Stewart’s and bought cotton yard

And 1 bottle of sweet oil, 3 spools thread.  We got home at 5 o’clock p.m.  Found the things about the house all right.  I brought the remainder of the wool home.  I had to pay Charles B. Hancock for the hauling of them poles he had taken before I could get them.  He gave me credit for 3 poles 50 cts.  1.50 I paid Mary Haws $2.50 for him.  I paid the remainder to him.  I have written a letter to Willard Wells.  We got a letter form James Clark in Illinois.  It was written in March as well.

29 We are irrigating our garden.  It looks very well.  The grass hoppers are not doing so much harm as yet.  Mother Eastman and Sister Harriet Whipple paid us a visit this afternoon and Sophia.

June 1 We received a letter from Mr. Stewart this morning.  It was May 19 on Bear River.  He wrote that he was well and in good spirits.

1855 June 1 cont’d.  He wanted me to write to Jacob Cloward to get his pony from the Indians.  They stole him last Dec. from Provo dry creeks.

3 Philander went to Payson to haul logs for B. F. Stewart and he said he would give him half of the lumber the logs make.  The Indians are very saucy and are doing a great deal of damage killing cattle and calves, breaking down fences, etc.  The men that we owe all wants their pay but I can’t get any thing of any person to speak of.  They say they can’t pay till after harvest.  I sent 8 lbs. of wool to carding machine.  I let Mrs. Holdaway have 2 yds of fine linen to pay for carding our rolls.

June 4 Br. Redfield got his leg broke.  He was thrown from his horse and he stepped off his ankle and broke it.

1855 June 5 Tuesday morning.  Nothing of importance has happened.  The Indians are very saucy.  I said this morning nothing of importance had happened but the scene has changed.  My Eunice Listra found a teacup that [had] some spirits of turpentine and drank so much we was afraid it would kill her.  We gave her some consecrated oil and sweet mild to drink and then some castor oil which has killed the strength of the turpentine and she is better.  It made her very sick.  She turned a dark purple and remained so for ½ hour and vomited and then went to sleep.  I did not let her sleep long but kept giving her oil every few minutes until it operated on her bowels.  Her face and other parts swelled as like she had been poisoned. & we have got 8 ½ lbs. of rolls from the machine.

[p. 8]
1855 June 6 We commenced spinning our rolls and Andrew J. and Oliver Stewart and Br. Franklin Eastman to help them hauled hay and a good load of sage brush and got done by 2 o’clock.  I sent word to Mariah.  As I expected she don’t seem willing to help much nor let her children.  We got B. E. Whipple’s wagon ½ day today to haul sage brush and hay for the horses.  I bought a quart molasses off sister Jahn Young 50 cts cash.

7 I got F. Eastman to nail the picketing between our lot and Br. Redfield’s lot.  He charged 50 cts.  I went to our city lots and watered them as well as I could with Andrew and Oliver to help me.  I was very tired and almost sick.  Br. Holladay helped us to make a gate to turn the water out of the ditch.

June 8 Br. Bishop Bird came here this morning to have me pay Br. Billingly for a sheep that the dog killed.  I told him I did not know that the dog had killed the sheep for Br. B. had said the dog killed 6 or 7 sheep last year which I thought impossible for he was too young to kill sheep last year.  I told Br. Bird I would not pay for the sheep unless I was obliged to for Br. Billingly was so certain that he would make me pay and told different stories about it.  He said our boys seen the dog and they say they did not see him.  We never missed him from the team at all.

9 We had some hay cut and hauled for the horses.  Br. E. Clark mowed for the boys.  Mariah S. sent Rufus to help.  I sent her some hay to pay her.  We hired Br. King’s light wagon.  Our garden looks very well and is clean from many weeds.

the boys hauled Mariah S. some wood and then took the wagon home.

10 I went over to Br. Wm. Carter’s to see him about some work he was to do and I went to Caroline Stewart’s and her sister and brother-in-law came to pay her a visit and I stayed until 4 o’clock p.m.  Br. Barrns [Barrus?] bought horses and kept them in our lot and fed them with my hay.  Mariah S. visited us today.  All is right.  Br. G. A. Smith and Br. _____ (sic) came in to see us and wanted our prayer room for to hold prayer in.  I told Br. Smith that we would be glad to have the brethren meet in our house.

11 I had the tooth ache very bad last night.  I went this morning to Dr. Higgs [sic] and my tooth pulled.  He charged me 50 cts.  It did not hurt me very bad.

185 12 I was quite sick all day.  My mouth is very sore and head ache.  Mariah came down to help the boys to water our wheat and potatoes.  She has done very well.

13 Caroline E. Stewart and her sister came and paid us a visit and Mariah was here to finish watering.  I went to Br. Carter’s in the evening and stayed till after supper and came home.  Martha Pace stayed all night with us.

14 Wednesday morning the grass hoppers are doing some damage.  Our garden looks well.  The potatoes are blossoming.

15 Oliver and Rufus hauled Mariah wood and brush to make 1 stack.  I sent Oliver to take the horses out on Little Spring Creek to feed and left and went to the pasture and borrowed Br. Carter’s key and lost it and told us that the Indians had taken it from him.

June 17 Br. Wm. R. Terry and his wife came from willow creek to visit and stayed and he caught some fish to take home.  The Brothers holding to the prayer circle met this evening and Br. Snow and dedicated our south room for prayer and expect to meet every Sabbath.

18 Philander Stewart got home this evening with six hundred ft of plank from Peteetneet mill.  He had very good luck considering his chance that he had.  Zemirah Palmer brought 13 posts for to build or hay shed.  I went with Sister Terry to see Sister Haws and took dinner.

19 Br. Terry and wife started home.  Br. F. Eastman ploughed our potatoes this morning and Mariah’s.

20 The Brethren has built a new house to hold conference and meeting in this summer.

1855 June 21 Philander and the little boys went to cut some hay for the calves and horses.  Br. Carter complains of the boys and says they turn the horses on his hay land.  I feel as it is impossible to have them do right.  I caution them all the time and tell them how to do but they don’t try to do as they might.  Oliver is a bad boy.  I can’t depend on his word at any time for certain.

22 Nothing of importance.  The boys are hunting cattle & our mare ain’t well.  Mariah sold her red 3 year old heifer to A. Coltrin (sic) for 30 dollars in cash.

23 Saturday.  I sent Oliver to the pasture to herd the horses and cattle.  Father Haws and Mother and Wm. Haws came to see us and get some wool carded.  All well at home.

24 The Brethren came to see me about B. Billingly having a sheep killed.  They are to meet tomorrow at noon.

[p. 14]
1855 We have new potatoes and peas for dinner.  Br. Bird came in and Br. Duke.

25 Father Hawes returned home.  Mother and Wm. stayed with us.  Edward W. Clark took our Scythe and said he would make a smith [?] and him and that Philander would use it in partnership this summer.  This afternoon Br. Bird, Br. Cammeron, Br. Billingsly met again to see if we could come to an agreement about our trial but could not and put it off until tomorrow at 5 o’clock.

26 The Brethren came according to appointment and found that the dog did kill the sheep and said I must give Br. B. the same kind of a sheep that the dog killed or one just as good.  Br. B. wanted a wether that I had in his flock.  I can do as I am amind to about it.  Brs. Harris and Bird, Cammeron, Sobriskey decided the trial for us.

1855 J 26 CONT’D.  Br. Eastman sold me 2 + 25 fish for 1 cent apiece and I let him have a cravat worth 2 dollars and I have taken care of them.

27 Nothing of importance but we remember this is the day that our prophet and patriarch were slain 11 years ago.

28 It is cold and stormy and rains some.  We got a letter from Mr. Stewart yesterday morning.  He had been sick.  It was written 30 of May, 300 miles from Salt Lake City.  B. F. Stewart’s nephew brought it back to us.

29 Oliver lost our best bridle by letting the horse go with it on him.  He said the bad boys frightened the horse and made him run away but he lied.  F. Eastman killed a sheep for Mariah today.  I had a piece.

30 We finished picking our wool today.  F. Eastman took our harness home to mend it so it can be used.  This is the last day of June.

[p. 16]
1855 July 1 F. Eastman has gone to Battle Creek to get some thing for us if he can.  A. J. Stewart, my son, went to meeting to the meeting hall.

2 Br. J. Laetham came and made out the Pleasant grove accounts.  Our brindle cow is very sick.

3 Brths. Laetham and Bielbey came and gave her some tobacco and tried to save her life.  We got 18 ½ lbs flour from J. B. Porter, the first since Mr. Stewart left home. [diagonally written across the last two sentences “A Mistake”.] I misunderstood the boy.  He borrowed the flour from F. Eastman.

4 We had quite a celebration and some visitors.  Br. S. Willman and Lady took dinner.  The Brethren trained the most of the day.  Br. Levi Handcock (sic) called to see us.

5 I entered a complaint to the teacher against Br. J. Porter.  He said he would pay me next Monday if I could wait.  I did.

[p. 17]
1855 July 5 I took dinner with C. E. Stewart and went to Br. McCastlins (sic) and bought 4 oz of tea.  Paid 50 cts.

6 Lucy Ann Haws and br. Wm. H. went home with Br. Hollandhead (sic) & wife.  Philander S. went to Pole Canyon and hauled 24 poles to make a hay shed.

7 B. E. Green came and posted books for us today and drawed up our accounts.  Mother Haws is very lame with rheumatic pain and swelling in her right knee.  She can’t bear no weight on it.  F. Eastman brought up one 2 year old red steer for us.  I am to pay two dollars for getting him up.

8 I got Peter Conover and Dr. Riggs to look at him to see if he was mine.  They thought he was.  The Brethren held meeting in the bowery.

9 I got Br. Conover to heard 3 head of cattle for me.  He received them this morning.  Phi. S. started to Payson saw mill for lumber.

[p. 18]
1855 July 11 I was quite sick all day.  Bths. Whipple & Holden administered to according to the laws of the church and got better.  I sold the 2 year old steer to Br. Billingly for 25 dollars.  I got one hundred pounds of flour and 19 dollars cash in hand.  Philander S. got home with 200 ft of lumber and some slabs for Mariah Stewart.

12 This is my birthday.  I am spinning rolls.  Br. Geo. A. Smith has come to see his family.  All is well.  I sent Andrew to herd my cattle.  M. S. would not let her son help but all is well.  We received a letter form Lucinda Willson.  They was all well.

13 Br. B. Young and Council and many others came here to Provo and preached upon many different subjects.  Mariah S. sent her son with mine to herd our cows, etc.  Philander went to get him some poles and Oliver irrigated our little crop and went to meeting.

[p. 19]
1855 July 14 Dr. Levi W. Handcock came and took breakfast with us and B. F. Stewart stayed here and attended meeting.  The [wind] blew such gale they had to dismiss meeting in the forenoon and afternoon both.  I received an order on S. L. Dunion which was excepted for one hundred lbs of flour and F. Eastman took our horse and brought it home for me.  Br. Porter gave the order on Dunion in part pay for the note which he owed Mr. Stewart which was $8.30 cts.

15 Br. Wordsworth and Lady took breakfast and dinner.  They came to meeting.  There is many here today.

16 I paid F. Eastman 2 dollars in cash for bringing up one red 2 year old steer.  He got Br. Ford and Father Haws to help build our hay shed.  Br. Hollayday found a red brockled faced cow which answers the description

[p. 20]
of ours and President Snow said I might get her and keep her and pay the expenses on her and if anybody could prove her to be theirs they must pay me the amt that he thought would be right.  Elijah Haws and F. Eastman went and looked at her, thought she answered the description very well and drove her to our lot and have to pay 50 cts to B. Holladay.

July 17 I sent sister Lucy Smithy $5.00 for to help build the Provo Temple or buy the glass or to lay it out as she thought proper.  I sent ten dollars by Father Haws to Palmyra to buy some wheat for me.  I let F. Haws have 9.00 worth of goods to pay for carding his wool into rolls and he is to pay me in something I wanted.

[p. 21]
1855 July 22 I have been quite sick for several days.  We have a letter from Lucinda Wilson and 1 from Willard Wells and Br. G. A. Smith has sent us a letter he got from Mr. Stewart written 8 of June 500 miles from G. Salt L. City.  Mariah S. started to the City with F. Eastman and his Lady.  I sent 11 dollars to buy some groceries with and other things.

23 Br. Sobrisky drove up 2 head of cattle form the north of Provo River - one red bull, one brindle heifer, both yearlings.  I have pay 2 dollars per head.

24 This morning will long be remembered by the Citizens of Provo.  At sun rise this morning the young Brethren wished to welcome the new born day by firing the cannon and loaded with potters clay and Br. Wm. Nixon fired it off and it bursted and killed him dead on the ground where he stood.

[p. 22]
1855 July 25 Br. G. A. Smith met with the Brethren and held meeting this afternoon.  Br. Snow got a pole from our fence to make him a wagon tongue.  Every thing in Provo seems silent as death and all seems sad.  The mourning flag is still waving on the liberty pole and a great many are going to see the mournful sight and the bursted cannon.  The cannon is worth 200.00.

26 We found 2 head of cattle in the stray pound which I believe to belong to Mr. Stewart.  One black four year old bull and one red steer three years old.  Some white branded J M on the left hip, a white face, down on the nose, no ear marks, no ear marks (sic) nor brand on the bull.  I described the bull so well that the Brethren did not doubt my description in the least.  Brother Pres. Snow and Bisk Black and Br. Boren [?]

[p. 23]
1855 July CONT’D were willing I should take them home and keep them in charge and if any body should prove them better than I could they must pay all expenses on them.  I have to pay 2 dollars on them.  Br. Franklin Eastman got home form the G S L City today.  Br. Leetham and Br. Boren and B____ [sic] drove the bull and steer to our yard for us this evening.

27 I got B. Jones to make a pitch fork.  He charged 75 cts for it.

28 This morning bids fair for forty years and peace in our old age.  We had a daughter born at one o’clock.  [Elon Lavara Stewart born 28 July 1855, daughter of Benjamin F. Stewart and Eunice Pease Quimby Haws Stewart.]   Sisters Haws and Sisters I. L. and H. Smiths, E. Wins, and M. Godard and C. E.  Mr. Stewart were our guests and Mrs. Scovil.

29 The prayer circle met as usual.

30 I hired Thomas Jones to help haul hay Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday

[p. 24]
1855 August 1 F. Eastman went to Payson to take my mother home.  She has been here 5 weeks 4 days.  F. Eastman went [they saw] Br. McCllen’s herd and there was nobody taken care of the sheep and Br. Est. and Father Haws saw a black wolf running the sheep.  It caught several of the sheep and bit them.  The Brethren had to kill 4 and they thought more of them would die.

3 F. Ets. brought 3 head home.  2 to kill for me and one for Br. Billingly to replace the one the dog killed.

5 The teachers came to see us and prayed with us and was glad to find everything right in our family and said they wished every one would do their duty as well.  The Lord has sent dew from heaven sufficient for his people to make sugar and our children has gone to help M. S. make sugar today.

[p. 25]
1855 Aug 12 This week I have been sick the most of the time.  All things is right.  Philander hauled hay 6 days this week.  He hauled 2 loads for tithing.  I let Br. Jones have a calf for 4 days and 1 ½ days use of a wagon.  Mother Haws and Lois and Ann came from Payson to make sugar.  Mary H. went on Saturday to make me some and M. S. went with her.  Sarah Jones works for me while they are gone.  Father Haws came this evening from Payson and brought me some flour that he had borrowed off us this summer.

13 Br. E. Whipple got 2 pieces of scantling (sic) to fix his fanning mill.

14 Br. Jones two has been working for me.  Sarah first, and she took the cholera morbus and went home and Mary came and stayed one day and she was taken the same time of night and I sent for her

[p. 26]
father and mother and they took very sick and their little daughter Elizabeth stays with me.

26 There is not much done this week.   Philander don’t want to work and it is very hard to get him to do anything for me.  He seems very lazy when we hire a man to help him.  He won’t start to work till 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning.  I went to Payson to get some lumber or see if I could get something at Palmyra to help us to live but I could not get one dime off anyone that was owing to Mr. Stewart.  Some can’t pay and some don’t want to pay.  It looks like a dismal time for women and children when men can’t provide for their families.  How can we.

27 Sister Crockett and Sophia C. came to get their wool carded.

[p. 27]
and stayed at our hours from Saturday until Monday 2 o’clock.  They went back to Payson and Mary Haws went home with them and a Umedia [sic] Stewart stays with me this week and Elizabeth Haws.  We are trying to save garden seed.

28 F. Eastman helped Ph. S. finished stacking our hay.  This forenoon I went a visiting to Br. Whipple’s.

29 I gave Mariah S. the seventy six lbs of flour that was due of Br. Porter.  I sent Oliver S. to Br. Wm. Carter’s and got the big wheel and kept it 3 days and M. S. agreed to pay in wood or lumber then I sent it home to her.

31 I went to see her and told her that I wanted her to make her sons take care of our grain and save all that we could.  That we must not go in debt and make trouble for Mr. Stewart.

[p. 28]
1855 Sep 8 I sent Philander to the Payson Saw Mill and got 500 feet of one inch plank off McLelblen [sic]  [?McClelland?].  I received a letter from Mr. Stewart the 7 of Sep.  It was written the 1 of July in Carson Valley.  I thought best to have our black steer killed.  He was very bad and would break through any kind of a fence.

12 This is Mr. Stewart’s birthday.  I sold Br. Billingly one sheep for 100 lbs of flour and he took our horse and brought it home for us.  I hired Br. Bown’s our [sic] oxen to go to Salt Lake and haul a load of salt.  T. King borrowed our log chain and would not return it according to agreement but said it belonged to somebody else.  So I went and got one of his chains and carried it home.

1855 Sep I sent his chain home again and promised to get the chain I lent him.

Sep 14 I had the tooth ache all night and this morning I sent Oliver and Br. Riggs came and pulled my tooth.  Mariah sent and got some flour off me this evening.  10 lbs.  Bro. Edson Whipple paid 100 ($1.00) 8 lbs of ground salt on this note.

16 I went to Mr. Huntsuccer (sic) [?Hunsaker?] to get out our cow.  I found him at home and I told him our business.  He asked me if I knew the cow.  I gold him I knew how she looked when she was young.  She was principle white with some red and her ears was red and she was 3 years old last spring.  He sent his boy to drive her up and went away to get an ox out of the mire and stayed until 4 o’clock.  Then I told his wife that I must go.  She then said that her husband told her that

[p. 30]
1855 CONT’D I might have the calf or 8 dollars.  I told her I could not have either but I would have a dress pattern that cost 8 dollars and thought I should go to conference and then I could see him as Br. Wm. Terry was with me and Sister Harriet McCarl and then she said I could take the cow.

18 We started about 4 o’clock for Willow Creek Fort.  We got there about sundown.  We then discovered that Mr. Hunsuccer [?Hunsaker] brand was on the cow and I thought best to ask the Bishop our place what to do and he told me to write to him and have him reverse his brand as it was not lawful and I have done as he told me to.

25 I went to Payson and Mrs. Lucy Smith went with me and we stayed 3 days from home.  We sent P. Stewart

[p. 31]
1855 CONT’D and he hauled home 4 head of sheep for to sell for flour, one for his mother and left them with Br. Billingly.  I took dinner with S. Markham and made inquiries about the brands which Mr. Huntsucker [?Hunsaker] said he put on the cow and he said he knew nothing about it.  He said he did not know that there was a cow there from his or any other place.

October 4th 1855 I started to Salt Lake City with my carriage and horses and Caroline went with me.  The wind blew so hard we stopped at Br. Chipman’s and about 9 o’clock that night Mr. Stewart he had come home from Carson Valley.  He heard that we were there and stayed with us.  Went down to Conference from

[p. 32]
American Fork.

October 1855 CON’T.  We arrived home the 10.  Found our family well.  Mr. Stewart brought 4 horses and one wagon and had made 1000 dollars since he had left home in May 13.  I had bought 8 hundred lbs flour since he had left home.  We had as well as he could expect.  He went down to G. S. L. and settled with the U. S. Marshal and sold his marshal’s order to T. S. Williams and Co. for goods and sold goods until he was called by the presidency to go to Australia on a mission.  He went as commissary to Fillmore the 1 day of Jan. 1850.  Got home 23 and settled his Trading Business as fast as he could to leave

[p. 33]
on his mission to Australia.  He bought claims on government off men that went out to take some saucy Indians who had been stealing cattle and horses in the Time of the Troubles.  There was 7 white men killed and 2 Indians wounded.  They took Squash and he was afraid they would hang him and he cut his own throat.  He was a very troublesome Indian.  He had made his brags of killing Br. Lemmon’s little son [name illegible], a child one year and a half old.  They thought him lost but found his clothes where the wild beasts had eat his little body. [note in margin - “this was in 1851.”] Mr. Stewart seen his clothes when they was found.  He was out surveying in that part of the country. 

[p. 34]
1856 Mr. Stewart bought and sold goods all winter.  In the spring he tried to bring his business to a close as fast as possible but could not do much about it until they took out a writ and the officer published our house and all we had and meant to sell our goods at auction.  He was in debt near 1,000 dollars. He then began to sell land, cattle and horses and in less than 3 weeks he redeemed his note without one forced sale and left Provo the 13 of May and left G S L 17 which just 1 year since he went to Carson Valley.  He stayed in Utah Just 7 months.  He only stayed home 10 days in the 7 months.

[p. 35]
and that ten days he was sick.

May the 17 1856 We worked day and half the night for the good of his family and did leave comfortable.  I bid Mr. Stewart farewell the 17 of May at 1 o’clock p.m. and Josiah Knowlden drove my carriage to Wm. Terry’s the same evening.  We got home to Provo the 18 and found all well.  My mother and Br. Wm Haws.  I took them home 27 on Sunday and got 60 lbs of wool and returned on Monday home and all the large boys had been building Spanish wall round our farm this week.  Br. [name illegible] has bought 30 rod of land for which I get 20 rods of fence made.

[p. 36]
July 9, 1856 I received 3 letters from Mr. Stewart the last one he wrote the 5 of June.  He was then on the Humbolt River.  All was well.  I was very sick the 21 and 22 of June.  I have sold 1 cow and brought 2 cows and 2 calves.  1 is 2 years old.  I let Josiah Knowelden (sic) have the McLellen steer for 20 dollars.  I got 40 dollars in money and went G S L City and bought some goods.  The 16 of June I bought a 3 year old colt off Br. Billingly.  I have 12 head of sheep and 5 dollars in goods.  I have Mariah 1 of the cows I bought.  They did not like her and did not thank

[p. 37]
me for my trouble.  I have hired Jacob Jones to work for me.  I agreed to pay him 15 dollars a month to cut hay and haul wood from the canyon.  I have paid for a good many bushels of wheat which will soon be due July the 7.  I got home a cow from Springville that had been gone more than a year.  Br. Westwood had taken her as a stray.  I had to give my note for 7 dollars and 50 (cts.) Due the 7 of August.

July 12 I have the boys cutting and hauling cane and hay.  This is my birthday.  I have got my rolls from the carding machine.  My son Andrew went to help haul hay with the boys.

[p. 38]
1856 July 13 I sent Richard Matthews and Jacob Jones and got 100 lbs of flour from Mr. Hancock & Mariah sold one of her steers and paid for the flour and let me have 50 lbs. of it.  The boys got the roan colt that I bought off Br. Billingsly and put the harness on him and drove him from Payson.  That was the first time that he ever was harnessed.  They did not have any trouble with him.  I feel exceedingly glad that we have got a good team and all is well.

[p. 39]
1856 July 28 I learned from Br. Hovey that Mr. Mcolony [sic] had taken up a red cow with a star in the face which we thought might be ours and I took Andrew and Oliver and Br. Carlos Snow and went to Mr. Mcolony and we all thought that she was the same cow that we had lost from the herd.  I agreed to pay for the advertisement and we drove her and her calf home and Mary E. Haws said she was the same cow that she helped raise.

Aug.  August the 7 1856 We received a letter from Huldah Wells stating the general health of the different relations of the families in the county.  Henry Martin died the 4 June 1856.

[p. 40]
1856 August 12 We received a letter from Mr. Stewart the 7 stating he was well and in Washoe Valley.  He arrived there the 23d of June and Br. Orson Hyde appointed him County surveyor and he had surveyed 2 ranches and one City of 96 lots.  He had been there 5 days when he wrote the letter.  The times are very hard this year.  Wheat is very scarce and will be scarce another year from every appearance.

15 I took my children and Mary E. Haws and a few goods and went to Payson and stayed till Monday morning the 15 and traded for wheat, 5 bushels, and Father went and killed a sheep for me.  I sold one dollars worth.

[p. 41]
1856 August August 20 Br. Westwood came to get his pay for keeping my cow.  I gave him an order to collect it off a br. that lived at Springville.  Br. Aaron Johnson, an agent for me.  I have been buying all the wheat I could get paying 2.00 bushel.  We got a letter from Mr. Stewart th[e] written July 27.  We received it August 28, 1856.  He was well and doing well.

September 3 I went to Salt Lake City and found business very dull.  Wheat 1 dollar per bushel.  Goods very dear.

6 September the six Br. Jacob Jones quit working for me.  He missed five days in the time that he did not do me any good.

[p. 42]
Sep 25 1856 I went to Br. Sobrisca (sic) [Sobrisky?] and took my son Andrew and got a cow which I had sold him for the sum of $0.00 dollars which was to be paid in wheat at 2.50 per bushel which Br. S. failed in getting the wheat and chose to give back the cow the cow being [sic] All is right once more.  We received a letter from Mr. A. Stewart the 26 of Sep.  It is the six letter since he left home.  He had left the Mormon Station and had started on his mission to Australia the 25 day of the month.  I bought a cow off David Holdaway and paid for him in woolen yarn all but 4 dollars.  The remainder I paid in different articles of the remnant of goods I [had] on hand.

[p. 43]
1856 Oct 3 I paid Coleman Jablin [sic] ten dollars and 50 cts for hauling seven loads of wood with my team.  I paid him in wheat at 2 dollars per bushel.  He agreed at first to half in such goods as I had in the store but he would not and denied our g bargain full and truly lied me out of the wheat in full.

Oct 9 I got home from great Salt Lake City yesterday from the semi-annual Conference.  I found my children all well but Elen L.  She had bad symptoms of the flux.  Nothing of great importance has happened.  The twelfth of October Lucy Ann Haws and Mary Haws went home and rode on my horses.  Andrew J. Stewart was riding our colt and he ran away with him but did not hurt him.

[p. 44]
1856 Nov 23 in October I sold my old cook stove to Thomas King for five thousand adobies and Br. Da. Carter sent John Miksell and Andrew Colton to lay up the adobies.  The Brethren done their work very well.  They began to [lay] the foundation on Thursday the sixth day of November and got done 15 day of November.  Their work cost me 53 ½ in all besides the tenders or hands that waited on them.  Me and Andrew Booth got a letter from Mr. Stewart the 3 day of this month and a printed description of the Mammoth grove.  The description of very large trees which was something very pleasing to Andrew.  The snow is falling very fast today.

[p. 45]
1857 Jan 1 Utah Co.  Utah Ter.  We are blessed with a commencement of a new year.  The weather is milder than it has been for six weeks.  Sunday the 28 of September I was at B. F. Stewart’s in Payson to a feast prepared for his eldest daughter Almeda Stewart’s wedding.  She was married to Samuel McLellen by her father and on the Tuesday following Br. James Mclellen made a supper for all his children and grandchildren and some of his friends.  All seemed comfortable and happy.  I returned home on Thursday the New Year’s Day and found all my family well.  It was a cold stormy day and I got very cold.  I was truly thankful to get home once more to my good home and dear children.  It is now 12 o’clock Sunday the 4 1857 and it is a warm beautiful day.

[p. 46]
1857 March 1 I was taken sick the 1 day of February and was very ill 2 weeks.  My sister Lucy Ann nursed me and was very kind and done all she could for me.  Mother Haws came and stayed one week.  Br. James E. Snow and Br. Joshua Davis layed hands on me and blessed me and said I should recover again.  In 3 weeks I was able to go to meeting and the 12 of March I went to write for the Female Relief Society.  Br. Moses Jones plowed our garden and the 14th we planted our potatoes 2 ½ bushels.  16th we planted peas [and] other seeds.  The 8 of March Lois Haws came to stay with me and Lucy Ann went home.

April 14 Tuesday A. J. Stewart Jun. and me were baptized at 11 o’clock morning by Goodsman and confirmed [by] Brs. Sidney Bailey and Abraham Haladay [sic].  Sister Silva Hatch is here visiting and expects to stay in Provo 1 week.

[p. 47]
1857 April 15 Sister Mary Eliza Haws is staying with me and Elizabeth Haws is here with us.  Br. Nethercotte has rented our store room and agreed to pay 1 half in wheat after harvest, the other ½ in work.

19 Sunday 19 1857.  James C. Snow preached in the Provo bowery prior to going on his mission with Pres. B. Young in evening, the First Council met and there had been a several presents given to Br. Snow and Blackburn.  I gave Br. D. Carter a set of gold studs worth six dollars in remembrance of Mr. A. J. Stewart that has gone to Australia on a mission.

16 [sic] I gave our roan mare to Br. F. Eastman for his iron gray mare and she would not work no better than mine then I traded her for a yoke of good oxen.  I gave the mare and 2 year old heifer and an old saddle tree for the oxen valued at 100.20 dollars.

[p. 48]
1857 May Today we are bush washing our wool and washing, etc.  Yesterday I went to our Female Society meeting and Sisters Bird and Wilkins took dinner with me and then we returned and stayed till the meeting broke.

July 20 I have been quite sick this four weeks.  Eunice Lestra started to school to Mrs. Kellog this morning.  We are spinning, Lucy Ann Haws and myself.  We have done all we could this week and we are going to Pond Town to stay and celebrate the 24 of July 1857.  Br. John Spensar [sic] came after Lucy Ann and I took the 2 little girls and went to Father Haws’ with them and we stayed from Thursday till Sunday evening. 

Aug 2 Br. George Cirtis [?Curtis] and wife and 2 children stayed and visited us from Saturday till Sunday and went to meeting in the forenoon.  The California mail arrived at 2 o’clock last night.

[p. 49]
1857 Aug 2 CONT’D and some of the sisters got letters from their husbands in Australia but we did not get one.  The counsel of all the brethren is to raise and take care of our wheat and every thing we can.  The Second Quorum Seventies met at our house 21 day of July ‘57.  Benjamin Gray and Br. Allen has hauled me six loads of hay this last week.  Sunday 6 o’clock in the evening 8 B. F. Stewart and Polly came from Payson and stayed till Sunday morning and Edson Whipple is in Provo from Green River.  A call was made by Sister Lucy Smith the president of the Female Relief Society to buy the presidency of Provo City a fine homemade hat apiece.  I paid one dollar in sewing silk.

15 Rented to Royal Durfey the 26 head of sheep for one year on shares healf [sic] of the wool and lambs.

1857 Sep the 3 I was taken very sick with a head ache and pain in my stomach.  I was not able to work for six weeks.  I have got 65 yds of home spun cloth made but I had to sell all I could spare for leather and wheat.

Nov 18 I received a letter from Mr. Stewart by Wm. Wall and 18 linen hds and six silk hds making all 24.  I gave the family all one apiece and kept the six linen and 2 silk ones for my family.

De 23 I took my children and went to visit our relations and returned home the 28 and was at home three days and I eat a piece of turnip and it gave me the cramp in my stomach and I was like to die for near three weeks.  Lucy Ann Haws took care of my family and watched with me half of near every night.  We received a letter from Mr. Stewart Feb 4 dated Sep 16.

15 I sold my ponies to John Duke for to go out in the first Company.  He gave 2 cows and 1 calf and a 4 year old mare for my horses.

[p. 51]
1858 Mar 28 Br. John Duke returned my horses and I have up the cows and young mare and I took in exchange for the horses I sold Br. Duke.  The military was recalled so every man wanted property back.  The inhabitants of Salt Lake City has commenced moving south as far as Provo City and other southern settlements.

April 2 I bought one 5 year old cow off Br. Smith.  I have 2 ewe sheep and 2 ewe lambs for the cow.  We received a letter from Mr. Stewart May 3.  Br. Wilford Woodruff moved a part of his family in our house on the sixth day of April and the rest of the 21 of May.  He has 4 of the largest rooms.

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