George and Lucy had 13 children.  Would you like to see them?

George's home in Benjamin, Utah.  He's on the balcony holding a hat.

This was a gift given to him (and us) for his birthday in 1887.

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This picture was provided by Matt Hickman
George Washington Hickman

  In 1857 US President James Buchanan sent Army troops to Utah Territory to suppress a supposed Mormon rebellion.  Bill Hickman was very active during this period destroying supply wagons and harrassing the troops.  By coincidence, Bill's brothers George and Thomas were on their way to the gold fields of California and were captured and sentenced to be shot as spies.  Thomas escaped, and George was eventually released.  For a time it was thought he was subsequently murdered by mountain men.  You may enjoy reading this account (click here) from an eastern newspaper that accurately describes the general national attitude at the time, just a few years before the outbreak of the Civil War.  Unlike his brothers, George was not suited for a life of adventure.  He made his way to Utah and began practicing medicine.

George married Lucy Ann Haws on Christmas day, 1858 in Pondtown, now Salem, Utah.   All of his children were born after he'd been "murdered."   Compared to his swashbuckling brothers, his was a very different life.
Click on the underlined text if you would like to read a biography of George written by a son, Josiah Edwin.  Josiah also wrote a biography of his mother.  George and Lucy Ann's oldest child Josephine wrote a longer biography of her mother which includes some interesting information on her father.  Click here to read it.   In 1930 Josephine also wrote a special message for her children, "if any there be living in 1980."  Click here to read it.  She also wrote another page in 1933.  Eunice also wrote a history, click here.  Lucy's sister kept a diary several years before George and Lucy met.  Click here to read it.  Click here to read Lucy's obituary.
The pictures and most of the documents were provided by Erma and Ralph Bird of Sacramento, California.
Early Pioneer Woman Passes Away in Provo

  PROVO, May 28.--Mrs. Lucy A. Hickman, one of Utah's early pioneers, died at her home, 691 North University avenue, this afternoon of a complication of diseases, incident to old age.

  Mrs. Hickman was born in Illinois, October 3, 1838. When a girl 14 years of age she crossed the plains with a company of pioneers, arriving in Salt Lake in 1852.  With her parents, she moved to Payson, and in 1853 she married Dr. George W. Hickman.  For many years the family lived at Payson and later moved to Salem and then moved to Benjamin, where she reared a family of thirteen children, five of whom, together with her husband, preceded her in death.

  In 1912, Mrs. Hickman moved to Provo, where she had resided since that time.   The surviving sons and daughters are Mrs. Josephine Finlayson, Provo; Mrs. Anna Daniels and Professor J.E. Hickman of Logan; Mrs. Eunice Richardson, Benjamin; George S. and F.L. Hickman of Provo, and Charles W. Hickman of Benjamin.

  Funeral services will be held in the Provo Fourth ward meeting house Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock.  The body will be taken to Payson for burial in the family plot.
--Salt Lake Tribune, May 29 1921 p.7          

Hand Cart Veteran is Called by Death

  PROVO, May 30.--Mrs. Lucy A. Hickman, 83, died at her home in this city Saturday.  Mrs. Hickman was born in Illinois and when a girl 14 years of age she with her parents crossed the plains with one of the early handcart companies, arriving in Salt Lake City in 1852.  Later the family moved to Payson, and in 1858 Mrs. Hickman married Dr. George W. Hickman, who with five of her 13 children preceded her to the grave.  For many years the family lived in the vicinity of Payson.  In 1912 Mrs. Hickman moved to Provo where she has since lived.

  The surviving children are:  Mrs. Josephine Finlayson, F.L. and Miss Laura Hickman, Provo; Mrs. Anna Daniels and Prof. J.E. Hickman, Logan; Mrs. Eunice Richardson and Charles W. Hickman, Benjamin.  The funeral services were held in the Provo Fourth ward meetinghouse at 1 o'clock Monday.  Burial will be in the family plot at Payson.
--Deseret News, Mon May 30 1921 p.8