The 1835 Road Petition

  The following document might not seem so unusual.  A group of neighbors petitioning the county commission to build a road to make transportation easier.  However, some of those neighbors included some members of the Hickman family, and the petition provides us with examples of their signatures.  In addition to Edwin Temple Hickman, the document was signed by his sons William Adams, James Barton, and Josiah Harvey Hickman.  Another signer was George Burckhardt, who being an attorney probably also wrote it, and whose daughter Bernetta eloped with Bill Hickman, causing a major rift in the family that didn't heal for many years.  It is not known if the road was constructed, or if it was the same road down which Bill and Bernetta later traveled on their way to Nauvoo after having become Mormons.
--Western Historical Manuscript Collection--Columbia,            
University of Missouri, RG 3476, Folder 55.            

To the Honor of the County Court of
Randolph County - we the under signers
labour under grate inconvenience for
want of a Rode from Thomas Thompsons
Mill on the middle fork of Salt River, to inter
      the State rode between Thomas winn's and george
sect the rode leading from Huntsville to
Columbia at Flanerys, and to run the
nearest and best rout therefore we your
pertitioners pray your Honors to grant us
said rode this 15th June 1835

Laton Sisk             |    Henry Halley
Wm A Hickman           |    James P. Halley
Wm Beaty               |    Westley Halliburton
Kenneth A Newton       |    Melchi Johnson
E.T. Hickman           |    Wm Wear
George Burckhartt      |    Young A. Rowland
James B. Hickman       |    James Rowland
Josiah H. Hickman      |    Petre Blanshit
                       |    F Rowland
                       |    Samuel Osborn
                       |    Robert Pashike
                       |    George Reynolds
                       |    Ebenezer Enyart
                       |    Young Kerby
                       |    James Holeman
                       |    Benjamine Robuck
                       |    Burrell Freeman
                       |    John Freeman
                       |    Matthew Hollerp
                       |    William Hoflek
                       |    Wm H. Rowland

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