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  "If you're a Hickman, you should be proud,
    as I am proud!" --name withheld by request.
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  Edwin Temple Hickman (1792-1888) and Elizabeth Adams Hickman (1793-1877) had 13 children.  They lived in Missouri, but many of the children eventually emigrated to the western territories, especially Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and California.  The sons (with middle names) were:  William Adams (1815-1883); James Barton (1816-1886); Josiah Harvey (1818-1867); Orson (1821-1822); Martin Dickenson (1823-1859); George Washington (1825-1893); Easom Sharp (1828-1916); Thomas Jefferson (1832-?); and Warren D. (1837-1907).  The daughters (with married names) were:  Lettice Matthews (1819-1888); Caroline Williams (1826-1873); Rhoda Walters (1830-1873); and Sally Lawrence (1835-?). 
At one time thay all sat around the same kitchen table.
  If you are descended from one of them, then you must be one of us, and we'd like
to get to know you.  There is good evidence that  Edwin and Elizabeth's family,
though widely scattered, had affection for each other.  After over a hundred years,
one can still detect  the warmth in their surviving letters.  Another clue is their
frustrating practice of naming their children after their brothers and sisters. 
Anyway, if you're a Hickman, please sign the Guest Book below. 
  If you'd prefer to believe the early Utah lawman/outlaw William Adams Hickman
was the only Hickman worth knowing about, prepare to be educated.
  Even if you aren't a Hickman, you're welcome to stay and explore the                                                                
story of a very interesting American family.   You will discover  how
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My name is Steve Richardson. George Washington Hickman was my great-great grandfather.
Edwin Temple Hickman
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In case you're interested, a site is being constructed dealing with the Richardson Family.