This is a work in progress.  If you are returning to this Hickman website after an earlier visit, you may want to know where changes have recently been made.  Here is where you could look to find out.  Click on the blue underlined text to view the referenced page:

Jun   9 00   The Hickman site was created with index and pages for S.M. Butcher, W.A. Hickman and G.W. Hickman with their links to related sites.
Jul    4 00   The complete text and illustrations from Brigham's Destroying Angel were added to W.A. Hickman page, with introductory text.
Jul    5 00   W.G. Hickman button was added to Index page.  Also some photographs of Bill were added to W.A. Hickman page.
Jul    8 00   Selected Bill Hickman correspondence was added to W.A. Hickman page.  This page added to Index.
Jul  14 00   Butcher page was upgraded, for the benefit of those who didn't go to the reunion.
Jul  15 00   An additional letter from Bill Hickman was added.
Jul  16 00   Improvements made to Butcher-Cotton documents.  Rootsweb added to tools.
Jul  18 00   Edwin, Elizabeth, and James now have a place on the site.   More information will be added later.
Jul  23 00   J.H. Beadle added to the index page.
Jul  24 00   Thomas J. Hickman and Josiah E. Hickman added to index page, also a picture of Elizabeth's tombstone.
Jul  30 00   Josiah's diary entry for Shadrach Milton Richardson's funeral was added. 
Aug   6 00   Josiah's page now has two articles written by him in 1928 and 1929.
Aug 20 00   Page on Bingham added to index, with two full-size pictures.
Aug 22 00   Bingham page is reworked, now using thumbnail images to make the page load faster.
Aug 23 00   Four more pictures with accompanying thumbnails added to Bingham page.
Sep   4 00   Link to map of Hickman-Butcher Ranch area added to Butcher page, also Butcher property descriptions.  Warren D. Hickman page added.
Sep   5 00   Lerona Mineva's story is added; the Samuel Monroe Butcher button is changed to Sarah Catherine, Bill's daughter, Samuel's wife.
Sep 10 00   Link to Karen Bush's Samoa page added to Josiah E.; link to TopoZone added to Bingham Creek page.
Sep 12 00   View of Bingham before open pit mining (created with Microdem) now accompanies  Bingham aerial view.  Eunice Lettie Hickman added.
Sep 16 00   West Mountain Mining District claims added; explanatory text will follow later (it was added September 23rd).
Sep 23 00   A page was created introducing the mining history of the Hickman family at Bingham.
Sep 24 00   Tour Guide added to Index page.  This is a linked brief summary of Hickman family history.   Anchor links added to Claims page.
Sep 26 00   A page was added describing Hickman mining interests mostly at Alta and in Tooele County, also earlier research on the Butchers.
Sep 29 00   Supporting documents added to the above page, linked to the text with anchor links.
Oct  09 00   Information added on Thomas Hickman robbery and George Hickman arrest.  This isn't as bad as it seems.
Jan 06 01    Picture of Ruth and Gus Henriod added to William G. Hickman page.
Jan 07 01    Broken links (biography, Danites) to Utah History Encyclopedia repaired on William A.'s page, link to UHE added to Tools page.
Feb 03 01    Map of Upper Bingham added to illustrate the paper given at the 1996 Hickman Reunion, and its appendix.
Feb 04 01    Map of Hickman-Butcher claims in Lower Bingham added to illustrate the paper given at the 1996 reunion and its appendix.
Feb 11 01    A second Homestead website was added to make room for additional Hickman material.  It's
Feb 18 01    Map and description of the Phonograph mining claim was added, location plats added to page describing the Hickman-Butcher ranch.
Feb 20 01    Hope Hilton's "A Day of Discovery" added, map of Fairfield, page on Camp Floyd, and maps of Bingham from 1874, 1898, 1906 and 1926.
Feb 24 01    Picture of Bingham miners added to Bill's pictures.  Also Lettice gets a page, Four Bingham 1909 pictures, c.1940 anaglyph, Bill's 10 wives,
Mar   4 01    Pages added for Crofutt and Cotton, 1850s portrait to Butcher page.  Two pictures of the Utah Smelter linked to Album, Butcher Ranch anaglyph.
Mar   6 01    Picture of Bernetta added to Bill Hickman's wives.  A page containing additional pictures of Samuel, Sarah, and Mary Butcher  was created.
Mar   9 01    Pictures of children of Samuel and Sarah Butcher.
Mar 15 01    Text from a leaflet, "Picturesque Bingham Canyon, Utah" was added.  Picture of a gun believed to have belonged to Bill Hickman.
Mar 20 01    Article on Bingham City, 1924 was added, also the page for the Butcher children was reworked and a second picture was added.
Mar 26 01    Eli B. Kelsey and his pamphlet.  Also horse team in Bingham and Billy Cloud, linked from the Bingham Album.  Picture of Lerona added.
Mar 31 01    Warren W. Hickman page added, also links to Signature books on William A. Hickman page were restored.
Apr 29 01    Index buttons rearranged, photo of Eunice Lettie's family added, additional information on Cotton family, improved pictures of Butchers.
Jun  22 01   Created pages for TP Billings' History of Bingham District and Mr. Levi, and added the site GenealogySpot to Tools.
Sep   9 01   The Bottle, Mrs. Shaw. The Revolution; better Cotton map, added state genealogy records to Tools and listed sources for anaglyph glasses.
Sep 30 01   Added Ax-I-Dent-Ax, Capitol Reef, Minerva Teichert, Wilford Woodruff, The Instructor, another bottle.
Oct    9 01   Spotlight on events of 1871-72:  John Taylor, George A. Smith, Bill's 1872 letters. to daughter.   Also Bill's 1885 obituary from a St. Louis newspaper.
Oct  13 01   Letters from Utah War, George C. Bates' unusual obituary of Bill Hickman, Andrew Jensen's Chronology 1871-72, Eunice Lettie Hickman's writings.
Oct  21 01   Galena Days poem, Basil Parker, descriptions of W.A. Hickman by J.K. Miller and Richard Burton,  Hickman family extracts from Josiah's Journal.
Oct  28 01    Picture of Wilbur Smith and picture of various editions of Brigham's Destroying Angel.  Also Jesse Gove's letter on the Utah War.
Nov 11 01    Additions to Utah War page from Journal History of the Church, Bernetta's obituary, Bill's letter to Lewis Robison, Exhibit of Lerona's book.
Dec   2 01    Completed Ax-I-Dent-Ax, added Bill Hickman's other autobiography, Lewis Robison, J. Smith III, J.S. Hickman, Josiah diaries A,B,C.
Jan   1 02    The Seer, Martin D., The 1860 Indian expedition, three Hickman family tree charts, picture of Josiah's physics class, The Principle.
Feb 23 02    Washakie, Ann Arbor, Illinois Bend, Ephraim P.--also the BYU Exhibit, Valko.  Also Marla Webb furnished more material on the Revolution.
Mar 23 02    Mrs.Teeples, Mary Ella, link in Tools to Mark Hickman's page, Brenetta's Reorganized LDS obituary.
Apr 21 02     Deed to Fort Bridger, life of Dr. George, poem by C.C. Goodwin, story of Mary Jane Hetherington, update to Thomas J. page, notes on Hope Hilton.
May 26 02    Additional material on Easom, Warren's account of Edwin & Elizabeth, Utah War experience of William Clark, Josiah's diaries D, E, and F.
Jul  13 02     John Ginn account added to Utah War, the 1835 Missouri road petition, James B. Hickman biography, Minerva Teichert's mystery leaflet.
Jul  26 02     Edwin's will, also the year 1870 added to chronology, SL Tribune Bill Hickman obituary, G.C. Bates 2nd account of W.A. Hickman "interview".
Aug  3 02     Arrington's lecture on J.H. Beadle, Hope's autobiography, Lee County, 1862 road petition, Utah War map, Thomas J. Hickman Dictation.
Aug 29 02    Martha Diana's biography, Bernetta's obituary from Park City.
Nov 29 02    James Harrison Butcher's family in Bingham, 3D view of Oquirrh Mountains, Gold Mine anaglyph, picture of Winamuck smelter,  Carr Fork pictures.
Feb   9 03    Josiah's article on Astronomy and the Pearl of Great Price, picture of Minerva Teichert, picture of Moses Wade, Richardson Family.
May 11 03    B.A.M Froiseth's article on mining, Index to Brigham Young Office files, aerial view of Bingham, additional pictures of James H. Butcher family.
Aug 10 03    Picture of GW and Lucy Hickman, article about Hyrum Smith Hickman.  John Codman's encounter with Bill Hickman, Eunice Stewart's diary.
Oct  15 03    Charles Wilcken's story, picture of C.C. Goodwin, Frank Leslie Hickman, added pictures to Mrs. Teeples and also a picture of George.
Nov 30 03    Picture of Albert Sidney Johnston, and of castle, Ft. Bridger, Mary Jane, Army Train, WPA handcart questions, more on Frank Leslie Hickman.
May 13 04    Pictures of Sally Bundy and Mary Ella Kohlhepp, picture of Goshute Indians, Warren's letter to Pres. Lincoln, Additional material on Josiah.
Jun  18 04    Picture of Warren W. Hickman.
Feb 18 11     Brent Hiskey provided additional pictures of Josiah Hickman's family; click here, here, here.
Apr  15 12     Josiah's scrapbooks 1 and 2 added to his journals page.  Diaries of Martha Hickman and her mother Augusta Lawisch, F.L. Hickman's memoirs.
Apr 26 12     Samuel Butcher's 1890 account of his fight with the Cottons.
Aug18 13      Index to CW Carter images available online from the LDS Church History Library.
Feb 27 14     PDF version of Hope A. Hilton's history of the Hickman Family.
Apr   8  14     Funeral sermons for George Washington Hickman's wife Lucy Ann Haws Hickman.
Dec 17 16     Correspondence related to the eventual excommunication of George Francis Hickman from the LDS Church.